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Index NZ - a searchable directory of NZ web sites, each with a concise description. Find all NZ search engines there.
Search the NZ government: searches all government web sites. Search NZ legislation.
TePuna - The National Library's web directory of selected sites; previously Lincoln University's Ara Nui
Te Ara - NZ's authoritative site about its heritage and people, begun in February 2005, will become very large, with many relevant links to others.
NZ Encyclopedia 1966: a concise encyclopedia of the NZ environment, from land to sea.
Statistics New Zealand - Government Statistics with free access to the latest yearbook
NZ Pages - NZ's web site directory
Microsoft NZ advanced search - Search Microsoft NZ.
The Knowledge Basket is an Auckland based company servicing the research and information needs of the New Zealand commercial, legal, and educational communities, by filtering , archiving and distributing key New Zealand information using first class primary sources.
aCourts - Gateway to  40,000 Products, 50,000 Brands, Trades, Services and 15,000 Companies in New Zealand
Yellow Pages - Telecom's yellow pages for all of New Zealand
White Pages - Telecom's telephone book for all areas of New Zealand
Google maps NZ - extensive and free maps from Google, with additional niceties.
Geographic names - Database of geographic names, maintained by Land Information NZ. Also street and place names ASP.
Exchange rate converter - converts to and from NZ dollars.
National Archives - Wellington
NZ newspapers: The Press Christchurch - Otago Daily Times Dunedin - NZ Herald Auckland - newsroom -

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