Thumbnails of the Seafriends 2004 CD - Part 2
by Dr J Floor Anthoni (2005)

This document contains thumbnails of part 2 of all 700+ images in the photo slide show of the Seafriends 2004 CD. You can browse the images for the ones you are looking for. Click on an image or the linked photo ID to see the screen-sized image. You can search all text by clicking Edit/Find in page and entering a short search string. You can also print this document for future reference. Use special ink jet paper for best results. Click here for part 1.


Goat Island

common prawn
f032018: common prawn is versatile and almost invisible
common prawn
f032021: closeup of common prawn
blue banded hermit crab
f032028: blue banded hermit crab
killer prawn
f032032: mature killer prawn
green urchin
f032108: underside of common green urchin
green urchin
f032110: top side of common green urchin
banded triplefin
f032116: young banded triplefin looks like a bar of chocolate
double helix fan worm
f032126: double helix fan worm is extremely shy, disappearing into its tube
f032132: very tight closeup of mushroom-like compound seasquirts, many in each mushroom
variable triplefin
f032133: variable triplefin in its most common suit
variable triplefin
f032212: variable triplefin
decorator crab
f032309: decorator crab
decorator crab
f032311: decorator crab in a rock pool
triangle crab
f032412: triangle crab in a rock pool
triangle crab
f032413: male triangle crab has long nippers
triangle crab
f032415: male triangle crab
triangle crab
f032419: young male triangle crab pretends to be dead
common prawn
f032425: common prawn in a rock pool, almost invisible to the eye
pebble crab
f032427: young pebble crab looks liike a speckled pebble
blackfinger crab
f032502: blackfinger crab is large and strong but docile
blackfinger crab
f032504: blackfinger crabs are found under stones. This one was placed in the open.
blackfinger crab
f032507: blackfinger crab
Tritonia inceerta nudibranchin
f032526: Tritonia inceerta nudibranchin search of food
zoanthid anemones
f032527: white zoanthid anemones invading a black sponge
sea firs, soft corals and tubular hydroids
f032530: sea firs, soft corals and tubular hydroids
tubularia hydroids
f032531: tubularia hydroids moving their dainty crowns
tubularia hydroids
f032535: tubularia hydroids in the current
dwarf scorpionfish
f032537: dwarf scorpionfish in one of its many colour variations

Poor Knights Islands
white flask sponges
f032601: white flask sponges stand amongst a tapestry of other sponges
clown nudibranchs
f032603: clown nudibranchs laying eggs
half-banded perch
f032616: juvenile half-banded perch
f032621: crayfish are still rare on the Poor Knights
f032622: the bug that has 'bitten' so many
two-finger sponge
f032626: two-finger sponge looping back on itself in two places
hermit crab
f032631: our largest hermit crab is fist-sized, nocturnal and very shy
white-spined urchin
f032708: red-skinned white-spined urchin has many tube feet and other defences
f032712: young male demoiselle guarding nest of eggs
clown nudibranchs
f032722: clown nudibranchs mating top to tail
red seaweed
f032728: red transparent seaweed
half-banded perch
f032735: old half-banded perch
f032737: leatherjacket (male or female?)
pink maomao
f032802: pink maomao in resting colours by day
crested blenny
f032803: cheeky crested blenny in its protective hole
mouth of heart urchin
f032809: mouth of giant heart urchin shows combed-back spines and commensal clams
firebrick star
f032820: puffed up firebrick star in a rich environment
zoanthid anemones
f032823: detail of yellow zoanthid anemones
skin of firebrick star
f032829: skin of firebrick star has round pin-head spines
scalyhead triplefin
f032906: scalyhead triplefin always sits head-down
scalyhead triplefin
f032911: scalyhead triplefin in one of its colour variations
mosaic moray eel
f032913: fearsome mosaic moray eel
mosaic moray eel
f032921: mosaic moray scared and showing off
f032923: young male demoiselle on nest with eggs
f032925: male demoiselle tending eggs
pink maomao
f032935: inquisitive pink maomao
mosaic moray eel
f033010: mosaic moray has teeth in the roof of its mouth
yellow and mosaic moray eels
f033011: yellow and mosaic morays brotherly sharing the same den
Yaldwyns triplefin
f033024: common white-tipped anemones are all clones of one colonise
female pigfish
f033030: female pigfish in pyjamas just before bedding down deep inside a crevice
Yaldwyns triplefin
f033107: Yaldwyns triplefin in one of its guises

f033108: Yaldwyns triplefin
young black angelfish
f033116: young black angelfish in its second colour phase
white-spined urchin
f033123:red-fleshed white-spined urchin eating flexible weed
red seaweed
f033126: transparent red seaweed
male banded wrasse
f033132: large male banded wrasse must weigh 3kg
brown urchin
f033201: brown urchin is rare in NZ but common in Kermadecs
male black angelfish
f033205: male black angelfish tending an unusually large nest of eggs

Matapouri estuary
common prawn
f033220: common prawn, algae and eelgrass
pillbox crab
f033223: pillbox crab is almost invisible
blue crab
f033304: blue crab
lump fish
f033310: the lump fish is a suckerfish which normally hides under stones
estuarine triplefin
f033312: estuarine triplefin
male estuarine triplefin
f033317: splendid display of male estuarine triplefin

Hauraki Gulf
shallow kelps
f033427: shallow kelps and reflections
shallow kelps
f033428: shallow kelp and reflections
cathedral light
f033436: radiating cathedral light
red rock crab
f033505: female red rock crab
solanderia hydroid tree
f033513: lush solanderia hydroid tree
male blue-eye triplefin
f033515: male blue-eye triplefin in spawning colours
male goatfish
f033517: male goatfish in spawning colours
thin-fingered soft coral
f033525: thin-fingered soft coral
male goatfis
f033527: male goatfish in acute spawning colours
sand octopus
f033529: sand octopus camouflaged like sand
cask shell
f033532: very large cask shell burrows by day and hunts by night, especially for sea cucumbers
john dory
f033536: john dory
f033616: orange nipple sponge on pink turf
f033619: male shorttail stingray skirting the kelp canopy
f033625: tight aggregation of crayfish surrounded by triplefins intent on stealing their eggs
f033632: kelp now grows where it never grew before
eagle ray
f033633: eagle ray ready to take off
spectacled triplefin
f033700: spectacled triplefin
spectacled triplefin
f033702: spectacled triplefins
Cooks turban
f033706: Cooks turban shell is a strong grazer
spectacled triplefin
f033707: spectacled triplefin in spawning colours
blue cod
f033711: blue cod is always alert
blue cod
f033713: cheeky blue cod
blue cod
f033717: blue cod
urchins (kina)
f033719: mine field of sea urchins (kina)
sabella sand fanworm
f033726: sabella sand fanworm is very shy
variable triplefin
f033733: variable triplefin
Yaldwyns triplefin
f033734: Yaldwyns triplefin in spawning colours
mottled triplefin
f033737:mottled triplefin in the wavewash
dying kelp forest
f033816: dying kelp forest
dying kelp forest
f033820: dying kelp forest
wide angle lens captures Snells Circle
f033824: very wide angle lens captures Snells Circle outside which light reflects back to the bottom
wandering anemone
f033826: wandering anemone attached to stalked kelp, opens up by night
flexible seaweed
f033832: flexible seaweed grows in sheltered placest

Mayor Island
variety of shallow seaweeds
f033904: a variety of shallow seaweeds
featherweed, flapjack and red seaweeds
f033908: featherweed, flapjack and red seaweeds
featherweed and diver
f033912: featherweed and diver
shallow seaweeds
f033913: shallow seaweeds and orange encrusting algae
red seaweeds
f033917: red seaweeds thriving in low light under the bubble umbrella of turbulent water
diver in a garden of seaweeds
f033929: diver in a garden
f033930: seaweed
seaweed gardens at Mayor island
f033932: lush seaweed gardens at Mayor Island
marblefish seaweed
f033937: marblefish seaweed garden tightly grazed to a work of art
natural and chain-made rippels in evening light
f034002: natural and chain-made ripples in evening light
diver and anchor
f034003: diver and anchor
ripples in the sand
f034005: ripples in the sand by evening light
seaweed 'bommy'
f034008: seaweed 'bommy' on white sand
snorkeldiver over kelp forest
f034012: snorkeldiver over kelp forest
space and tranquility
f034015: space and tranquility
cathedral light and blue maomao
f034016: cathedral light, ripples and baby blue maomao
trhough the archway
f034018: trhough the archway
young blue maomao
f034021: young blue maomao
f034024: patience
coralline algae
f034100: coralline algae
leatherback chiton
f034102: leatherback chiton and encrusting sponges
coralline algae
f034110: coralline algae
coralline algae
f034111: coralline algae
red seaweed
f034114: lush red seaweed
red seaweed
f034115: lush red seaweed
noble chiton
f034116: noble chiton and encrusting algae
featherweed strap
f034121: featherweed strap
variable triplefin
f034125: young variable triplefin
common triplefin
f034126: common triplefin in one of its many costumes
common triplefin
f034129: common triplefin
sea rimu
f034130: sea rimu
bottlenose dolphin
f034301: bottlenose dolphin
bottlenose dolphin
f034302: bottlenose dolphin
bottlenose dolphin
f034304: female bottlenose dolphin
bottlenose dolphin
f034305: bottlenose dolphin
bottlenose dolphin
f034306: bottlenose dolphin
bottlenose dolphin
f034307: female bottlenose dolphin
freediver bottlenose dolphin
f034308: freediver and bottlenose dolphin
freediver bottlenose dolphins
f034311: freediver and bottlenose dolphins
bottlenose dolphins
f034312: bottlenose dolphins
swimmers and kayaks
f034314: swimmers and kayaks
swimmer and kayak
f034317: shark's eye view of swimmers and kayaks
discovering the shallows
f034321: discovering the shallows
kelp forest
f034323: kelp forest
flapjack bladder kelp
f034324: flapjack bladder kelp
copper moki
f034419: copper moki
mantis shrimp,
f034502: 4 cm mantis shrimp, swimming
cryptic triplefin
f034513: the cryptic triplefin is difficult to find
unidentified triplefin
f034521: unidentified triplefin
f034522: young bigeye comes out at night
f034523: male leatherjacket, sleeping
male leatherjacket
f034524: male leatherjacket
scalyhead triplefin
f034527: scalyhead triplefin
scalyhead triplefin
f034528: scalyhead triplefin
female demoiselle
f034530: female demoiselle
young crayfish
f034531: young crayfish fossicking by night
young crayfish
f034532: young crayfish knows where to walk to and back
young crayfish
f034535: young crayfish in red seaweeds by night
male cryptic triplefin
f034600: male cryptic triplefin

Poor Knights Islands
school of juvenile yellow-eye mullet
f034612: school of juvenile yellow-eye mullet
1 yr old yellow-eye mullet
f034613: 1 yr old yellow-eye mullet (sprat)
two year old sprat
f034620: two year old sprat
one year old sprat
f034623: one year old sprat
three year old yellow-eye mullet (sprat)
f034626: three year old yellow-eye mullet (sprat)
cryptic triplefin
f034629: cryptic triplefin
spawning male and female pigfish
f034700: spawning male pigfish inviting female for spawning
male pigfish
f034701: male pigfish in spawning colours just before spawning at sunset
female pigfish
f034703: female pigfish consenting to spawn
spawning male and female pigfish
f034704: male pigfish holding female as they swim towards the surface to spawn at sunset
spawning male and female pigfish
f034706: male and female pigfish just before releasing eggs
Sandagers wrasse
f034709: closeup of Sandagers wrasse
black angelfish
f034710: black angelfish
f034711: porae
f034715: porae in pyjamas by night
detail of feather star
f034718: detail of feather star shows minute tube feet for catching plankton
gorgonean fan
f034720: purple gorgonean fan has polyps with 8 tentacles
gorgonean fan
f034721: purple gorgonean fan
zoanthid anemone
f034724: yellow zoanthid anemones on a coral fan skeleton
Aplysilla rosea sponge
f034725: pink Aplysilla rosea sponge has herringbone skeleton
Aplysilla sponge
f034727: Aplysilla sponge has fine pores and a flexible skeleton
scorpion fish and feather star
f034729: scorpion fish and feather star
f034806: splendid brown sea urchin
f034826: mature bigeyes outside their crevice
f034827: bigeyes
diver and bubble screen
f034836: diver and bubble screen
long-tail stingray
f034900: long-tail stingray
moulting eagle ray
f034912: moulting eagle ray
short-tail stingray
f034915: short-tail stingray
short-tail stingray
f034917: short-tail stingray
golden bladder wrack
f034931: golden bladder wrack (Carpophyllum angustifolium)

Kapiti Island
seal pups
f035005: adventure with seal pups
playing with seal pups
f035011: playing with seal pups at Kapiti Island
playing with seal pups
f035013: three little seal pups
playing with seal pups
f035014: playing with seal pups
eight little seal pups
f035021: eight little seal pups
seal pups
f035027: seal pups silhouetted
seal pup
f035035: flying upside down
male scarlet wrasse
f035103: male scarlet wrasse
male and female butterfly perch
f035105: male and female butterfly perch
blue cod
f035107: blue cod
blue cod
f035108: blue cod
female leatherjacket
f035109: female leatherjacket
white-tentacled anemone
f035112: as a white-tentacled anemone moves around,
it leaves part of its foot behind which become new,cloned daughters
white-tentacled anemone
f035116: a garden of anemones
unidentified anemone
f035122: unidentified anemone
unidentified anemone
f035123: unidentified large anemone
copper moki
f035137: copper moki
unidentified bryozoan
f035210: detail of unidentified bryozoan shows myriad tiny polyps
female crayfish
f035215: solitary female crayfish
moult of red rock crab
f035216: moult of large red rock crab
female seal
f035222: mother seal seeking eye contact
female seal
f035223: female seal investigating us
female seal
f035224: hello?
jewel star and variable Aphelodorissea slug
f035233: jewel star and variable Aphelodorissea slug
magenta jewel anemones
f035300: a field of magenta jewel anemones
magenta jewel anemones
f035303: magenta jewel anemones
magenta jewel anemones
f035304: magenta jewel anemones can extend their bodies by night
magenta jewel anemones
f035306: magenta jewel anemones
banded triplefin
f035307: banded triplefin by night
jewel anemone
f035310: jam-packed field of jewel anemone
Yaldwyns triplefin in magenta jewel anemones
f035316: baby Yaldwyns triplefin protected
by stinging magenta anemones
female spotty
f035318: female spotty in pyjamas by night
male spotty
f035319: male spotty in pyjamas shows female spot on its side
dwarf scorpionfish
f035320: orange coloured dwarf scorpionfish
banded triplefins
f035322: banded triplefins in pyjamas by night
blue moki
f035327: blue moki in pyjamas looks like wearing a commando suit
reef octopus
f035329: tiny reef octopus is active at night
reef octopus
f035330: tiny reef octopus
f035332: baby leatherjacket, 5cm at night
Aphelodoris luctuos
f035401: Aphelodoris luctuosa seaslug
zoanthid anemones
f035404: posie of orange zoanthid anemones
sea nettle jellyfish
f035417: stinging sea nettle moving graciously
sea nettle jellyfish
f035418: sea nettle jellyfish
sea nettle jellyfish
f035419: sea nettle
sea nettle jellyfish
f035432: sea nettle, Chrysaora
sea nettle jellyfish
f035433: sea nettle jellyfish mirrored by the surface
sea nettle jellyfish
f035436: sea nettle
seal pups
f035502: three little seal pups play-fighting
seal pups
f035517: seal pup play
seal pup
f035521: this little seal pup suckled my finger,then explored my wet suit by nibbling it
young bull seal pup
f217330: young bull seal pup imitating its father

Goat Island
eagle ray
f035709: eagle ray
crayfish moult
f035719: crayfish moult; the animal is still alive inside a new shell
f035723: big snapper 'Monkeyface'
f035728: tiny crayfish, 4 cm long
f035735: snapper 'Monkeyface' mug shot
f035736: teeth worn round suggests he feeds on clams
f035737: old snapper 'Monkeyface'
baby goatfish
f035800: 4 cm baby goatfish is still silver-sided as it has just recruited from the plankton onto the sand
female spotty
f035802: sleeping female spotty
bastard red
f035808: young bastard red cod, 10 cm
f035809: one year old goatfish
estuarine triplefin
f035811: estuarine triplefin
f035814: 3 year old goatfish, female
f035816: goatfish
mottled triplefin
f035817: mottled triplefin in pyjamas
sand flounder
f035820: sand flounder can change the colour of its skin
sand flounder
f035823: sand flounder
f035828: mature male goatfish by night
female spotty
f035831: young female spotty sleeping in tall flexible weed
unidentified anemones
f035833: unidentified anemones by night
tall stalked kelp
f035936: tall stalked kelp and silver drummer
bottlenose dolphins
f202930: bottlenose dolphins patrolling a beach in search of young Kahawai

Mimiwhangata / Cape Brett
deadmans finger soft corals
f036012: deadmans finger soft corals
urchin-grazed rock
f036013: urchin-grazed rock with encrusting sponges and anemones
ambush star
f036021: ambush star and coralline covered sponges
Astrostole predatory star
f036028: large Astrostole predatory star
Lessonia strap weed
f036036: a dense stand of Lessonia strap weed
comb star
f036102: an unusually coloured comb star
comb star
f036103: comb star
oak leaf seaweed
f036105: oak leaf seaweed
ambush star
f036107: ambush star stands tip-toed inviting prey to visit its safe chamber, which it then closes swiftly
ambush star
f036110: ambush star
detail of paua shell
f036111: detail of paua shell polished by pebbles
colonial seasquirts
f036112: mushroom shaped colonial seasquirts
brachiopods or lamp shells
f036114: brachiopods or lamp shells inside a cave
ambush stars
f036116: ambush stars have gaudy colours
ambush stars
f036121: ambush star
Patiriella cushion stars
f036123: Patiriella cushion stars are very varied
short-tail stingrray
f036124: large short-tail stingray
f036127: large marblefish
f036130: large marblefish is a plant eater and has no float bladder
reef star
f036133: reef star has rouinded spines
reef star
f036135: reef star is normally found along the west coast
f036207: large predatory triton (Charonia) feasting on a common sea urchin
f036208: Charonia eating a sea urchin
radiate limpet
f036217: radiate limpet on a smooth feeding ground
red rock crab
f036221: red rock crab
variable triplefin
f036235: variable triplefin on Cooks turban shell
male scarlet wrasse
f036305: male scarlet wrasse
yellow moray eel
f036316: spooky yellow moray eel
yellow moray eel
f036319: yellow moray eel
unidentified sponge
f036322: unidentified sponge
leatherback chiton
f036404: orange leatherback chiton
leatherback chiton
f036405: dark leatherback chiton
camouflage crab
f036407: unidentified camouflage crab
leatherback chiton
f036408: brown-green leatherback chiton
long-armed spider crab
f036409: deep-water long-armed spider crab
long-armed spider crab
f036410: long-armed spider crab
tiger shell
f036411: tiger shell feeding on encrusting sponges
triangle crab
f036414: triangle crab
hermit crab
f036415: unidentified hermit crab
scaly-head triplefin
f036416: scaly-head triplefin
red lined cleaning shrimp
f036419: red lined cleaning shrimp
female splendid perch
f036505: female splendid perch

Arid Island
jack mackerels
f036703: small school of jack mackerels
f036831: bushy bryozoa has grown large in the absence of grazers and competition
hermit crab
037015: blue banded hermit crab

Kai Iwi lakes, Northland
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037204: young koura freshwater crayfish
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037211: large female freshwater crayfish carries larvae under tail
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037212: koura
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037216: freshwater crayfish brandishing its claws
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037223: freshwater crayfish by night on a muddy bottom
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037227: freshwater crayfish by night on a muddy bottom
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037228: freshwater crayfish by night on a muddy bottom
freshwater bully
f037231: freshwater bully in pyjamas
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037232: freshwater crayfish has a flat head
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037235: freshwater cray seeks refuge in weeds
koura (freshwater crayfish)
f037236: proud stance of a freshwater crayfish
f037329: rushes in a freshwater lake
freshwater bully
f037404: freshwater bully by day
vegetation in Kai Iwi lakes
f037425: vegetation in Kai Iwi lakes
freediver in Kai- iwi lake
f037428: freediver exploring the misty deep of a freshwater lake
freediver in Kai- Iwi lake
f037432 aquatic plants and reeds in  a freshwater lake
reeds in Kai-Iwi Lakes
f037506: reeds reaching the surface
fresh water aquatic weeds
f037513: aquatic weeds rising 1m from the bottom
freediver among reeds
f037533: freediver among reeds
freediver among reeds
f037536: snorkeller and reeds
freediver among reeds
f037537: angel above reeds
fresh water aquatic weeds
f202306: reeds piercing the water's surface

Spanish lobster maulting
f214312: a Spanish lobster crawls out of its old skin
just-moulted Spanish lobster
f214314: just-moulted Spanish lobster and her abandoned moult
policeman crab
f210000: rear view of policeman crab

Whangateau Harbour
tunnelling mudcrab
f215226: tunnelling mudcrab brandishing its claws while warming up in the evening sun
tunnelling mudcrab
f215227: a large and old tunnelling mudcrab
tunnelling mudcrab
f215237: tunnelling mudcrab repairing its burrow
mud whelks, hermit crabs and hairy-handed crabs
f215328: the scavenging gang of mud whelks, hermit crabs and hairy-handed crabs
many scavengers
f215335: a mantis shrimp joins the many scavengers
cryptic sand shrimp
f215336: cryptic sand shrimp, 3cm

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