Secrets of our seas - REVEALED
a summer exhibition
  • what you always wanted to know
  • what you really should know
  • what you are not supposed to know
  • scientific scandals
  • exciting discoveries, and much more
Prepare to be shocked and amazed!

Here is an opportunity not to be missed when you are in our area. The Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre in Leigh celebrates 16 years of achievements with a summer exhibition about:

You will see the splendour of our seas in the many creatures brought to the surface on dozens of discovery posters, thousands of photos, thousands of pages in print, slide shows and a movie. The Seafriends ecosystem aquariums give you a close-up view of over 100 living species from the area around Leigh.

New Zealand is entering a critical stage where due to accelerating degradation, our good intentions with marine reserves and fisheries management, can no longer deliver, while also Maui's dolphin is doomed. We have to be smarter, and this is your opportunity to learn more. Come and see for yourself what the sea has been hiding from sight, and how spectacular our seas really are and also how they suffer. We are a maritime nation with over 16 times more sea than land, rated 5th largest in the world! Discover what is happening to our seas, and don't rush your visit as you need at least two hours for your journey of discovery!

Never before have our seas been shown in such detail, abundance, clarity and honesty!
Open daily 09:00 - 19:00 from 18 Dec 2008 to 15 Feb 2009 . Adults $8, children $4, pre-schoolers free. Help to save our seas!
Seafriends, 7 Goat Island Rd, Leigh 09 422 6212. On the way to the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

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An opportunity for young and old, not to be missed

During the exhibition, the Seafriends Café will be open with drinks, snacks and meals. We make great coffee.