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The Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre in Leigh provides for funding, from: The Centre and all its facilities was built from the private funds and savings of Floor and Maria Anthoni, because they saw how important it is to make a beginning with saving our seas. The Centre has been operating since November 1992, after a construction and preparation period of two years.

Since then we have been trying to attract public funding, but without result. It appears that we are doing something so advanced and unusual that we keep falling outside the funding criteria. One would think that Government departments of Conservation, Fisheries, Environment and Education are interested in what we are doing, but this is not so.

It is not difficult to understand that the Centre records yearly shortfalls, which are made good by postponed maintenance, further debts and working for no income. Your support in the form of a donation is therefore more than welcome. It will help us to make further and faster progress towards a better place for our children to live in. There is perhaps no place where your money will achieve more for the future, than here, with Seafriends.

The Seafriends Foundation was created to provide an independent and accountable receptacle for donations, legacies and bequests. Your donation goes into the Foundation, from where it will be allocated to the most urgent and meriting application. You will be able to stipulate what your donation intends to achieve. For large donations and bequests, our lawyer will intervene.

For small donations, send a cheque to:

Seafriends Foundation
7 Goat Island Rd
Leigh, R.D.5
New Zealand

Or ring (09) 422 6212 and talk to Floor or Maria Anthoni.
You can now also donate by credit card through the PayPal escrow service. They take your credit card details which remain unknown to us. Nominate your donation and click the yellow button for PayPal. Thank you.

Your donation today can make a big change tomorrow. Donate generously to save our seas.
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Thank you for supporting Seafriends and making a difference for the future of our children.