Seafriends - Crustaceae of New Zealand

This classification of crustaceans, points to the detailed section of each species. Species shown in red are saltwater species endemic to New zealand, not found or reproducing anywhere else. For completeness, freshwater species (marked green) are also included. Fossil species are shown in black.
Click on the links to find the details of species. Use the edit/find option of your browser to find species quickly within this page.
Please note that only the details of grapsidae and ocipodidae have been done so far.


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Two pairs of sensory appendages in front of the mouth and 3 pairs of jaws behind mouth. Some are parasitic and lack all appendages when adult. The crustacea are mostly aquatic, with 39,000 known species. Here is where crustaceans fit in the classification of the animal world:

  • Phylum ARTHROPODA - joint-legged animals. Segmented, jointed external skeleton of chitin; paired limbs on some or all of the segments; body cavity (coelom) reduced, replaced by a large blood system.
  • Class CHILOPODA - centipedes
  • Class DIPLOPODA - millipedes
  • Class INSECTA - insects
  • Class CRUSTACEA - crustaceans, joint-legged animals living in water. Head of six segments; trunk divisible into a thorax and abdomen; two pairs of feelers; skeleton is often calcified.
  • Class ARACHNIDA - spiders, harvestmen, mites, ticks and scorpions
  • Class PYCNOGONIDA - seaspiders
  • Class MEROSTOMATA - king crabs or horseshoe crabs
  • Class TARDIGRADA - bear animalcules living in soil
  • Class ONCHIPHORA - velvet worms


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