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New Zealand has many different kinds of fish. Every year new ones are discovered from the vast deep sea around us. We eat fish and we sell our fish overseas. Fish are also interesting animals. Here you can discover more about them. If you want to read more about them, click on 'Classification' and search for the fishes you are interested in.
Introduction to the fishes of the New Zealand region
The commercial species, quotas and catch volumes
Interesting facts about fish, their shape, function and more
threatened species
The threatened, overexploited or endangered species and why
A systematic classification of all species with links to all details. Go here for all the fish species of NZ. (in progress)
further reading
Books and references for further study (on this page)
related chapters
/niue/fishtree.htm Fish classification of tropical fishes found in Niue with many photographs and more photos.
/enviro/habitat/rsfish.htm the fishes found in the intertidal rocky shore.
Goat Island, Kermadec Islands , Poor Knights, marine reserves with many photos of resident fish.
Photo indexes of marine species: 2003, 2004, 2005,
Various underwater images, including fish behaviour and  sting rays.
internet links
Australian Museum Fish Site  www.austmus.gov.au/fishes/links/index.htm .An excellent list of links to scientific data about fishes.
Forest and Bird sustainable fishing guide with details of many commercial species, aimed at influencing consumer choice.
Species toolkit: a search engine for millions of species, including fishes.
Fishbase: a searchable database of fishes.
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