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Powerful, comprehensive, spiders entire sites. Searches titles, keywords, text of all pages on the web or Usenet. Many results returned. Many search options. Focus on USA. --Help--Advanced--Images--

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Google searches more sites more quickly because it works on networked PCs with a unique PageRank(TM) search algorithm , a system for ranking web pages. Very commercial. --Help--Advanced--Google Scholar--image search--
Concept-based. Spiders entire sites. Searches titles, keywords, text of all pages on the web +news, newsgoups, usergroups, ads. Many results returned. Very USA/Canadian --Help--
Spiders entire sites. Searches titles, keywords, text of all pages. Meaningful results. --Help--Advanced-
The new European search engine (cuil=knowledge), growing in importance, and uptodate. --cuil--
The world's free encyclopedia. Large. wikipedia.org
The free Wiki dictionary of English. main page
Wiki quotations dictionary. main page.
Roget's Thesaurus of the English Language. website
Note that the search results may be shown on a new copy/window of your browser! Also look at the following:

Ask.com --- Searches multiple engines and presents results in a simple way.
Dogpile -- A meta search engine, sends your query to a number of search engines at once.
Search.com -- A meta search engine for web content, music, videos, images, downloads and more.
AllTheWeb/FAST -- The world's largest multimedia search: Web, News, FTP, MP3, Sound, Video and more.
Way Back Machine of archive.org -- stores the entire web in regular archives. Just enter the URL.
Pipl -- a people search engine which digs deep into the web for more information. Seek people in Holland.

New World Encyclopedia -- integrates facts with values. Organizing knowledge for happiness, prosperity and world peace.
How stuff works -- an encyclopedia about how things work, the processes in technology, nature, etc.
SourceWatch -- an extensive directory of the people, organizations and issues shaping the public agenda
Muckety -- Map relationships among people and organizations. Powerful, revealing.
Toxicology database -- National Toxicology Program of the National Institute of Health, USA.
FedWorld -- Offers a central access point for searching, locating, ordering and acquiring US government information
IMDb -- Internet movie database of 150,000 movies and detailed information.
Dickipedia -- a Wiki of people who are despicable (dicks)
Ted -- Ideas worth spreading: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world
Nationmaster -- easy statistics of all countries of the world. Awesome. Select Advanced view.

Tree of Life -- A browsable tree of what will contain all organisms on Earth! Select the Express Page.
Beaucoup -- A listing of over 1000 search engines.
FindHow -- a search engine to find how to do/fix/make things. Growing . . .
Education World -- A world for educators and children.

Bartleby - publishes a great variety of reference works with free access and a good search engine. Columbia Encyclopedia, World Factbook, American Heritage Dictionary, Rogett's Thesaurus, Bartlett's & Columbia & Simpson's Quotations, English use of language, King James Bible and much more.
Encyclopedia Britannica - one of the best informed resources. Articles and dictionary and more.(subscription required)
World Book - a practical, well-informed resource placing emphasis on industry and physics. (subscription required)
Merriam-Webster dictionary - free access to the Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus.
World Fact Book - The CIA's fact file about all nations in the world. With maps, flags and statistics. (free)
World patents - IBM's database of patents. Searchable. Interesting. Amazing. (registration required US$75/mo, some free bits)
QuoteDB - database of famous quotes
Ulrichs Web -- the authoritative source of bibliographic and publisher information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types

Universal Currency Converter -  convert up to 164 currencies to your selected currency. Updated daily.
Time zones and sun clock: from worldtimezones.com, real-time sun clock and time zones with current times.
Poodwaddle - time clocks, running statistics, calculators and more.

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