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By Floor Anthoni (July 2007)
Changing from Windows to Linux is a decision that many people are now making. But what is involved? What can I expect? Why move from Microsoft to Linux? What are the differences between WindowsXP and Linux? What are the advantages and disadvantages and what kind of difficulties can I expect? Is it possible to have both Windows and Linux? And how do I communicate between the two? Can I migrate gradually? In this chapter I will talk about my personal experiences as a computer user with a strong computer background. I will call a spade a spade and be honest about my experiences converting from WindowsXP to Xandros. I hope that this chapter will help you to cross over to Linux with few difficulties.

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While gradually moving from WindowsXP to Xandros, I had to overcome several difficulties that may tomorrow be considered just teething problems. There is always the Web Linux community that can help me out, and through the almost perfect indexing capabilities of the major search engines, a solution to my problems can always be found, conveniently and quickly. How wrong I was.
So I decided to document the problems and how I overcame them, so that those following in my footsteps can get results more quickly. For this reason I have also restricted myself to document only the Xandros distro, as this is also the one of choice for me.

From the index above you can see that a little bit of basic knowledge helps to understand that Linux is an entirely different beast, and that part of the migration to Linux is conceptual rather than just practical (like knowing where to click). You'll notice that I specifically talk about the move from WinXP to Xandros, but it won't be difficult to translate this to a different situation.

I am addressing myself particularly to those who consider their computer a serious work tool, and this includes home computer users, small and large businesses and professionals. I just have no time for gamers. I have no patience for those who think that Linux is about free software ('as in beer'). It is only fair to pay in return for what you get, and if this helps your business, then you should also have the decency to donate to those whom you are morally indebted to - professionals know there's no free lunch. I think it's your responsibility towards yourself, your business and the people who depend on you, to secure your computer from malice, to secure your data from loss, to secure your data for the future, to minimise down-time and to have the sharpest tools and utilities that money can buy.

From the first chapter you will see that I call a spade a spade, and this I will continue to do in all chapters. A computer operating system has no place for forced beliefs, spying, government intervention, propaganda or information filtering. If we don't fight for it, we'll lose all privacy and freedom. So, ironically, the move to Linux is also about your rights, privacy and freedom. If you don't treasure these, you deserve none.

I know that these pages are of use only to a small corner of the Linux world, but I hope that what my readers find, will help them along and save them time.

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