Seafriends library destroyed
Update June 2014: In a callous act of vandalism, the "new management team" gave most of the library books away to passing visitors, thereby effectively destroying this unique collection which was intended as a gift to future generations.
Seafriends - Books and References

Seafriends Library

The Seafriends Library is a private library. Books can be loaned by mail ( no longer).
Books A-K, Books L-Z. Over 1000 books about the sea, conservation and ecology, by author. (100KB, 55 pages)
New books, most recent acquisitions to keep you uptodate (6 pages).Discontinued
Magazine articles, a catalogue of articles in Sientific American,  and more. (130KB, 25 pages). Discontinued
Individual articles relating to the subjects in this web site. (4 pages).Discontinued
Marine Glossary of scientific terms and concepts (25 pages)
Geology glossary: geologic and soil science terminology (11 pages)


Units & measures: Units, constants, formulas, conversions, physics, chemistry. A valuable reference for conversions and calculations(12 pages, updated from time to time)
Periodic table of elements: Print your own chemical reference table. Learn about elements. (11 pages)
Geologic time table: ages and periods of life on earth and earlier (7 pages, under construction)
Geologic Classification of minerals, rocks, soils, sediments and more. (25 pages)
Time table of mankind: a summary of the history of Man, by his inventions. The course of science and technology. (22 pages)
Electromagnetic spectrum: wave frequencies and their properties (in prep)

Seafriends - Library
The Seafriends Library contains over 1000 books and magazines, so it is small by most standards. Yet it contains many books relating to the subjects covered on this web site. It also contains a number of hard-to-find titles.

In order to find a book, click on the catalogue above and use your browser's search function (type Ctrl/F) to search for names, authors or keywords. To go back, use the browser's BACK function. The catalogue is a simple HTML file.

To borrow a book, e-mail your requirements to us, including your postal address. We need: Name, address (to send to), telephone number (to remind you). Go to the bottom of the front page where you find a payment button for payment through PayPal. enter the amount of $7 and the details of the book (for reference).

Upon receipt of your order, we will mail the book(s) to you. Return postage is paid by you. The cost of borrowing a book is $7 for the first 3 weeks and $1 for each following week. This includes postage one way.

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