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lots and lots of underwater images
Many wonderful underwater photographs are available for publication or enjoyment. Here is how you can copy low resolution images, or purchase high resolution digital photographs from the Seafriends site, or own one of  the glorious underwater images, printed in A3 size. Note that all images appearing in the various chapters on this web site can be ordered in a larger format, including drawings and diagrams.
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introduction Photographic formats, what they cost, how to join, how to order, how to pay, who the authors are. (4 pages)
posters View the galleries of posters of underwater images, order the images you need, or buy affordable posters, laser colour printed in A3 format (about 15 x 10 inch). (20 pages) .
Kermadec Over 150 images of the unique Kermadec Islands underwater ecology. Use your back button to return here. (44 pages)
Poor Knights Many underwater and above water photographs of the Poor Knights marine reserve (large)
Goat Island Many underwater images of a near-coastal marine reserve.
images A most varied library of images sorted into interesting categories. Never uptodate.  Use your back button to return here. (large)
part1, part2 The 2004 Seafriends CD comes with a slide show of 700 screen-sized images (106MB). Due to their combined size, these will not be available on the web site, but their thumbails, arranged in two printable indexes, are (2 x 18 pages, 2 x 2.6MB, long download!).
part1, part2 The 2005 Seafriends CD adds another 570 screen-sized images. Their thumbnail images are viewable in two separate indexes (2x13 pages, 6.5MB long download)
Niue04 Niue Island is the smallest state in the world with 1000 inhabitants on an island no more than 15 by 20 km. Located in a deep blue sea it never ceases to surprise. Visit impressions from Niue with over 330 photographs (24 pages, 3.5MB download). Screen-sized images are found on the 2005 Seafriends CD. For more info on Niue, visit the large Niue section.
Niue05 More impressions from Niue above and under water. 340 photos (24 pages, 5MB download)
part1 Over 200 underwater photos of NZ on the 2006 CD (10 pages, 1.5MB download)
rocky shore Over 300 images to identify species of the intertidal rocky shore (80 pages)
slide shows Small slide shows of selected photos. (8 pages)
fish eyes Can you recognise these eyes? Click on one to find out. (10 pages)
large slide shows Large slide shows of large 800x600 pixel images, only for those owning the Seafriends CD.
what's new? Recent changes and additions, by date. (on this page)
UW Photography Wish to know more about under water photography? Here is an advanced course to help you achieve better results, and to understand how the pictures were taken. The chapter on the Digital Darkroom teaches you advanced photo scanning and editing techniques.

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What's new?

20050829 - Links to images from Niue and the 2005 CD
20050624 - Posters and images can now be paid through PayPal.
20040115 - The second Seafriends CD with more than 1500 screen-sized images. See the autorun page.
20040607 - The first Seafriends CD contains over 700 screen-sized images. Their thumbnails can be viewed & printed in part1 and part2.
20031118 - Cosmetic changes
20010530 - Added more images and galleries.
20000813 - Underwater Photography Webring links added.
20000624 - Gallery 1 finalised; 61 images available.
20000602 - Revised and affordable posters introduced. Slide show 1.
19971028 - Introduction, rules and prices.