Photo library and Galleries, available as affordable A3 posters
Fascinating images of sea life and the under water world, photographed in New Zealand waters: sea scapes, habitats, divers, school fish, fishes, starfish, anemones, corals, sponges, sea slugs, nudibranchs and much more. These amazing photos are now available in a size, large enough to be framed and enjoyed in the workplace, living room and school class. With our new A3 poster/prints, this has become possible.

The A3 posters are high quality colour laser copies printed on a 400 dpi laser printer. With their stable powder colours baked on, they are very durable, particularly when displayed behind glass. Each image has a unique file number, like f012345. Mention this number when ordering. Companies, individuals and schools can also be invoiced.

Dimensions: Paper A3 = 420x296 mm, 160gram/sqm. Image at least 375x250 mm.

Current introductory offer is US$23 (incl GST and packaging/posting). 
Posters can also be made from any of our photographs found on this site, for an estimated US$32. Please enquire and mention the size required.

For information on resolution and how to pay, visit the introduction page.

Give your poster a frame and border to add your personal touch. Shown here is poster f020618, mounted in a standard 16x20" (405x505mm) frame. Note that vertical (portrait) images may require different borders.
Since these posters are so affordable, you may wish to rotate the contents of your frames periodically. Collect the photographic jewels of our seas. Bring the sea into your home, into your heart.

We have a large stock of images of marine animals and plants, coasts and beaches, water leisure activities in New Zealand and may be able to find what you need. Please enquire. Should you need photographic surveys of a marine environment, such as for the establishment of a marine reserve, do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit our advanced course on this web site, if you wish to know more about underwater photography .

For best printing result, set your page margins to top/bottom 1cm (0.4"), left 1.2 cm (0.5") and right 1.0cm (0.4")

f020618: a very old goatfish
The original poster comes with a white border 
and text underneath.

Example of framed poster
The same poster framed with a matte & white border.

Border options
You can frame the posters as shown above: 
with white border and text; 
without white border but with text;
without border or text; 
with border but without text.


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Did you know?
Underwater photography in New Zealand is made difficult by reduced light, poor visibility, planktonic organisms, wave movement, cold temperatures and short seasons. It makes underwater photography in our country expensive and unproductive. We have developed special photographic techniques to reproduce the underwater atmosphere with its pastel blues and transparency. Now the underwater adventure and its wonders have become available at an affordable price. Enjoy these images in the familiarity and comfort of your own room or workplace. It is also reassuring to know that your contribution helps Seafriends saving your seas.


The copy rights of all images on this site remain with the authors. Commercial use without permission is not allowed, but you are allowed to use all images personally and for education or conservation. But even in these situations, permission is required where printing runs are involved.

The Galleries
On this summary page you will find a quick overview of all galleries and posters now available.
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What's new (latest additions since june 2000)
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The large world made small (Wide angle photography)
  • f010206: Snorkeldiver surrounded by fish in the Goat Island marine reserve;
  • f010221: Snorkeldiver surrounded by fish; large snapper in front.
  • f011933: An albino stingray hovers in the currents inside Northern Arch
  • f020528: The stingrays of Northern Arch attract thousands of divers each year.
  • f023124: A diver enters Blue Maomao Arch
  • f023224: A diver plays with a male demoiselle in Nursery Cove
  • f023232: Blue maomaos and demoiselles thronging for food
  • f023233: A diver watches blue maomao and demoiselles
  • f023625: A school of pink maomao meeting a diver
  • f024006: A diver is mirored in the permantent air bubble inside Bernies Cave
  • f025526: A diver admires a fan coral in the Julian Rocks reserve, Australia
  • f000125: At 20m depth, too dark for plants, the rocks are covered by sponges and other filter feeders
  • Wide angle gallery

    The small world made large (Macro photography)
  • f003718: A large purple sand dahlia anemone stands tall above the sand
  • f003900: A seahorse in its natural habitat, attached to a brown seaweed in an estuary
  • f015700: Closeup of a female seahorse, showing details of mouth, snout and fins
  • f021623: A seahorse among lost fishing lines under a wharf
  • f012313: New Zealand's smalles octopus hiding inside a tiger shell
  • f018630: A baby bastard red cod (beardie) hiding inside a dosinia shell
  • f019316: A male two-spot demoiselle sleeping among jewel anemones
  • f019107: A dense patch of common variable anemones
  • f021312: Closeup of common variable anemones
  • f021315: Closeup of purple jewel anemones 
  • f021317: Purple jewel anemones around a railing
  • f019300: Fan corals make hard limestone cups for protection
  • f019415: This hydroid fan has survived to an old age in the wave-washed zone
  • f019624: Posies of yellow zoanthid anemones on a red carpet sponge
  • f023817: A bouquet of zoanthid anemones on a rock wall in Middle Arch
  • Macros and closeups gallery
    Underwater life (The animals and plants)
  • f007700: A big snapper, 'Mr Perfect', in Goat Island marine reserve
  • f017812: A large snapper photographed in the Goat Island marine reserve
  • f004715: A mature goatfish in spawning colours on a yellow boring sponge
  • f020618: A very old goatfish  in its personal shelter at the Poor Knights Is
  • f020621: A male two-spot demoiselle has left its nest with eggs to overnight amongst red algae
  • f012528: A demoiselle sleeping in its beautifully decorated bedroom
  • f021328: Surprised during its sleep, this john dory is a fierce predator by day
  • f025013: A large variable sea hare was found feeding on sea lettuce
  • f006901: A comb star crawling over volcanic sand
  • f022611: A group of colourful goatfish resting by day
  • f009931: Firebrick star at end of tunnel
  • Underwater life gallery
    Fish schools (formation and groups)
  • f000623: A school of blue maomao waiting for the tide to turn
  • f006124: A peergroup of young boarfish
  • f009809: Demoiselles sheltering in featherweed.
  • f012015: A school of blue maomao descends from the surface
  • f021026: A school of large jack mackerels in the shallows
  • f023304: A school of young blue maomao resting above Lessonia strap weed
  • f023314: A snorkeldiver descends slowly to meet a school of young blue maomao in Nursery Cove
  • f023737: A group of young trevally resting in Nursery Cove
  • f024134: Blue maomao jostling for a better place to view the divers
  • f024633: A school of fast moving trevally mixing with blue maomao
  • f024634: A school of trevally interrupts its feeding frenzy
  • Fish schools gallery
    Awesome creatures (the large, ugly, dangerous, rare and others)
  • f020733: A large red scorpionfish lurks for prey amongst the green sea lettuce
  • f022826: A large sand octopus has taken refuge inside a decaying crayfish pot
  • f025621: A spotted wobbegong shark startles a diver
  • f025705: A leopard shark sleeping in a gully in the Julian Rocks marine reserve
  • f025013: A large variable sea hare was found feeding on sea lettuce at the Poor Knights Islands
  • f022536: Closeup of a mosaic moray
  • f020736: A red scorpionfish (Mr Grumpy) amongst sea lettuce
  • Awesome creatures gallery
    The human form (harmony and contrast of the human shape in the sea)
  • f023017: A snorkeldiver readies herself for the next dive in a small cove of the Poor Knights Is, New Zealand.
  • f023326: A snorkeldiver floats motionlessly, enjoying the rich seascape
  • f023708: Snorkelling unencumbered and free.
  • f023719: For a moment, this snorkeldiver is enveloped in a halo of bubbles as she plunges into the sun-lit sea.
  • f023730: The Plunge
  • f023422: Free ascent
  • The human form gallery