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By Dr J Floor Anthoni (2011)
Many people learn better by seeing and hearing rather than by reading, hence the educational videos about the sea and other aspects of the world. All videos are hosted by YouTube which also translates the subtitles (closed captions) into many languages. You must have your Internet connection enabled.

Visit some underwater worlds and discover what lives there.
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visiting places
Join us in our explorations of the underwater world in New Zealand and overseas. You don't need to get wet or cold or tired. Just click on a link to the movie of interest.

Goat Island marine reserve
Goat Island is a small island off the rocky coast near the township of Leigh in New Zealand. It is famous as New Zealand's first marine reserve, adjacent to the Leigh Marine Laboratory. A few hundred thousand visitors come to Goat Island each year to snorkel with the legendary snapper and other friendly fish. The reserve is also visited by many school children as part of their education outside the classroom. Google map. Read the Goat Island chapter for more.

Fishes of Goat Island video slide showThe Fishes of the Goat Island marine reserve, part1, part 2 (links to YouTube)
Meet the common fishes of the Goat Island marine reserve near Leigh in New Zealand, in 27 minutes of amazing images and facts. Many of these - if not all - you will encounter while snorkelling in the marine reserve: piper, trevally, jackmackerel, kingfish, kahawai, blue maomao, sweep, demoiselle, parore, silver drummer, butterfish, marblefish, kelpfish, banded wrasse, red moki, blue cod, spotty, leatherjacket, snapper, bigeye, slender roughy, dwarf scorpionfish, yellow moray, conger, goatfish, porae, eagle ray, short-tail stingray, long-tail stingray, john dory, scarlet wrasse, butterfly perch, red cod, boarfish, crested blenny, triplefins: schooling, common, variable, chocolate, spectacled, blue-eye, and pipefish, seahorse.
Learn more about the first marine reserve in New Zealand, established in 1975.


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