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The Seafriends educational CD  contains a complete learning resource for those who wish to learn about our natural environment, our planet and particularly the oceans. The oceans cover three quarters of the planet's surface. Not surprisingly, they govern the most important planetary processes. Ask yourself how the planet ticks, how weather and climate are formed, how this influences the ecology,  how the most important substance on Earth, soil is formed and how quickly we are losing it. Ask yourself what this does to the sea and why so many of the world's seas are in serious trouble. The answers are not what you thought because the ecology of the sea is quite different from that of the land.

A must-have for all educational institutes, from primary school to university: this electronic resource allows you to create your own work sheets, simply by copying and pasting. All material has been authorised for this purpose. You can print all chapters for hands-on studies, without intrusive advertisements. Where can you find such an extensive and wide-ranging resource with over 2000 large images, over 2500 pages of text and thousands of diagrams and photographs? Copy the CD to your school's server. For a complete overview, visit the complete sitemap and the Seafriends home page.

A great present for anyone with an interest in the natural world we live in: wondering and learning never stop when leaving school. What will the future bring? What is happening to our natural world? What is happening to the sea? How can I help to the best of my ability?

A must-have for environmentalists: where else can you find such extensive and objective information about the world's environment and the way it is threatened? Learn at your own pace at home.

A must-have for divers: where is so much knowledge about the sea brought together in such a compact package? Make your diving more enjoyable by learning more about the underwater environment, its many and varied creatures, and how it is threatened. Learn all there is to learn about underwater photography in an advanced course.

A must-have for sea men, yachties, fishermen: learn more about the sea you love, to love it even more. Understand how this fascinating and strange environment works and how you can help to keep it healthy. The CD gives you all this, without the need to connect to the Web. Spend your long voyages learning about what you always wanted to know.

An indispensable resource for gardeners, horticulturists, farmers and all who work with the land: how does soil work? What does it need? How is it maintained sustainably? What not to do? How is it lost? How does it affect the sea? And much more.

It's so easy to say YES and make this resource part of your life
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The Seafriends educational CD
ISSN 1177-4983
2005 CDCongratulations! You have acquired instant access to the complete Seafriends web site. This unique compendium of advanced knowledge informs you of the environmental problems of our seas and the world at large. It documents the seas around New Zealand and our efforts to save these from the unintentional effects of fishing and degradation from the land. But this work is never finished. Every year we make considerable additions to this site, so make sure you have the latest version. This is version 2011, uptodate to June 2011. 

This CD is written in standard ISO CD format using the international Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and is therefore compatible with all past and present computers, operating systems and internet browsers. This CD does not always start by itself, nor does it install itself on your computer or copy files to your hard drive. It is therefore also completely safe and has been certified virus-free. You must open the home page D:index.htm, 0r D:autorun.htm assuming D: is your CD drive. How this is done depends on your situation.

For example, in Windows XP the web site starts automatically with the autorun page (autorun.htm). In all other cases proceed as normal: click the Start key, then Run and enter d:index.htm or d:autorun.htm, then click OK. Bookmark the home page for further access. 

Please note that the search engine does not work on the CD version. Use the web site www.seafriends.org.nz should you wish to search by keyword.

To enjoy the slide shows, click on tips on the home page and follow the instructions.

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The latest Seafriends CD
ISSN 1177-4983

You have become the proud owner of a unique resource of images and information about the world we live in,  New Zealand in particular. With over 8 years of preparation and 11 years in the making, costing well over one million dollars, this CD traces the fate of the sea while analysing how it suffers. New Zealand is not alone in its ecological problems. Where it differs from the rest of the world is that these issues are new and therefore more visible.

This CD is the work of Dr Floor Anthoni who devoted his life since 1990 towards saving our seas. He wondered why we are losing so much so fast, and why now, here in New Zealand. This led him on a path of discovery that would eventually provide all the answers, collected here on this CD. Whichever country you live in, you will find this CD of immense value to you and your children, providing months of enjoyment, learning and surprise. It brings you uptodate with the sea which, unfortunately, has become the sump of civilisation.

So what does this CD provide? Firstly you must have access to a computer, and this can be any make or type because the information on this CD is in a world-standardised format (ISO, HTML 3.0).

You will discover over 2000 screen-sized images of 800x600 pixels, annotated with interesting facts. These you can copy onto your computer's hard drive into a riveting slide show of your liking, which can also become a screen saver. Should you be unfamiliar with computers, the tips page will guide you in a step by step manner. A useful screensaver program is included on the CD (GPhotoshow).

No doubt, you will be aware that human activities have ill effects on the environment and also the sea. It so happens that all water flows down into the sea, and with it our precious soils and other agents. So it pays to understand how the sea works and because our planet consists mostly of oceans, this gives insight in Clockwork-Earth. You'll discover how the weather works and storms and tsunamis; how beaches are formed and how they disappear due to human activities. Perhaps a beach near you can still be saved?

The world's soils are renewable resources, because they are not used up. Yet they are disappearing and degrading at appalling rates, perhaps no longer able to feed a growing world population. You will discover how this happens and how the soil in your garden works and what it needs.

As our precious soils erode, they cause severe problems in the sea, known as degradation or eutrophication (over-nourishment). You will discover how this works and how the sea suffers. You will be the first to learn of Dr Anthoni's most recent discoveries of how degradation works, and that the sea does not work the way one thought.

Marine reserves, closed to all forms of fishing, are thought to solve the sea's ailments but this is not so because almost everywhere in the world, the threat from degradation has become larger than that from fishing. We need to be smarter to save our seas. Only by saving the land, can we save our seas!
You will be able to understand how conservation of biodiversity works, and how this relates to the sea. You will be amazed at the many myths and fallacies deeply embedded in our thinking, and you will be able to guard yourself against them.

This CD includes the latest knowledge about our atmosphere and the uncertainties of global warming, ocean acidification and more. You will be amazed about what can be found on our intertidal rocky shores and how to understand their ecology.

You may wonder how humanity got itself into such a predicament and why our knowledge appears to be of little use. You will read why science is not infallible and that the three culprits science, technology and human nature will probably not be able to save us.

This CD contains many Easter eggs (precious discoveries) in almost 3000 pages of deep analysis and learning, complete with supporting information, glossaries and over 5000 diagrams and images in addition to the slide shows.

If you like the underwater world, you'll no doubt discover the extensive photo library and how one takes photos under water, and discover the authoritative course in advanced underwater photography and how to enhance digital images.

You will also discover one of the smallest island states in the world, Niue Island, about which precious little can be found on Internet. Living on a small island is difficult not only for people but also for creatures above and below the waves, resulting in surprising strategies for survival. Following the Kermadec Trench to New Zealand, we come across the isolated Kermadec Islands, jewels in the crown of marine conservation. The Goat Island marine reserve covers a very large section with many photographs.

This CD should indeed be in everybody's household as a resource, encyclopedia and compendium for becoming aware of our (underwater) world.

Last but not least, by purchasing this CD you have helped a unique conservation and education centre, Seafriends , about which you can also read more on this CD. We are committed to saving our seas.  Tell others. Thank you.