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index&intro:contents, where, intro, history, maps
environment: the ecology of the area, habitats
special cases: special habitats, 
dive spots: description of the best dive spots
dive hire: hire your gear from Seafriends, more
snorkelling without fear: essential snorkel course
lessons: what to learn from the resrve experience
saving our seas: an introduction to Seafriends
to feed or not: feeding fish inside a reserve good/bad?
marine reserves: paradise won or lost? Introduction
frequently aked questions: honest answers shock
marine conservation: what works and what does not
marine degradation: the sea is rotting. How, why?
war for more reserves: locking people out for no gain
habitats: introduction to marine habitats, weird sea
rocky shore: principles and 400 examples
special NZ: why NZ is different,
Poor Knights Islands: NZ's best diving
Kermadecs: NZ's largest remote marine reserve
Niue Island: cool-tropical paradise in a gin-clear sea
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